Spiritual Experience Improves Mental Health, Converts Atheists: Study

Newsmax | April 27, 2019|By Zoe Papadakis

People who have experienced deeply spiritual moments or encounters with God went on to feel a greater sense of happiness and contentment decades later. The experience also led to thousands of atheists shedding that label, a new study found.

These profound religious experiences occurred either spontaneously or were induced by certain psychedelic substances. In both instances, researchers from the Johns Hopkins University noted lasting positive changes in the mental and psychological wellbeing of the individuals.  

These findings are from a survey of thousands of people who reported having experienced personal encounters with God or the “ultimate reality.” 

Respondents were asked to complete one of two 50-minute online surveys about their most memorable encounter experience with the “God of their understanding,” a “higher power,” “ultimate reality” or “an aspect or representative of God, such as an angel.” They were then asked how the experience changed their lives.